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November 30, 2008

Plz Read[2]

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Ok for ppl who read (Plz Read 1) have to read thsi..Yes that girl said that she heard Lacoste saying i love her.Lacoste is my bff and tthe girl who told me wasnt sure tht Lacoste said i love berry.She only responded to a scentence mikeafc said..Now there will be Plz Read 3 because Lacoste said that mike afc said that.Also dont forget, there r more ppl who that girl told me about!!

Lacoste10]  yes
[Kokeeto] hi lacoste
[Lacoste10]  hi
[Kokeeto] r u hearing ppl saying that i love berry and fancy her??
[Lacoste10]  yes i have heard that
[Kokeeto] who said?
[Lacoste10]  mikeafc
[Kokeeto] any other??
[Lacoste10]  emmm sorry not that I can thin kof
[Lacoste10]  is it true
[Kokeeto] u didnt say??
[Lacoste10]  i never told
[Kokeeto] mmmm..rlly
[Lacoste10]  honesly all i sed was
[Kokeeto] r u sure??
[Lacoste10]  to mikeafc i sed r they a couple
[Kokeeto] then y a girl said tht u said tht but she isnt sure
[Lacoste10]  thats all i sed
[Kokeeto] ok thx
[Kokeeto] what did mike say??
[Lacoste10]  he sed lacoste listen
[Lacoste10]  so i sed yes mike
[Lacoste10]  he sed hav u herd koke luvs berry
[Kokeeto] then??
[Lacoste10]  so i sed r they  A COUPLE
[Lacoste10]  he sed yes then he sed no
[Kokeeto] eho was on??
[Lacoste10]  emmmm i was on for for five mins
[Lacoste10]  rlly cant remember
[Kokeeto] ok thx but r u sure abt what mkeafc said??
[Kokeeto] coz hes my bff
[Lacoste10]  i would not tell a lye
[Lacoste10]  wait

I know mikeafc wont do that but it raelly semm that Kokeeto became a toy for ppl to play i me and im not sad from anyone..and mike ur my bff and berry if ur reading this ik that mike wont do tht…It seems i am a wall in front of ppl not letting them be happy

Best Regards,Kokeeto!


November 29, 2008

Cazmo Pet Shop!

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Hello Cazmo’s Its Nado!

Cazmo Pet Shop Is Coming VERY Soon,And I’m Sure Their Will Be Awesome,But The Sad Thing They Will Be For Cazmo Cash,However That’s A Good Thing For Some Of You!

Cazmo Pet Shop

See ya,

-Ambassador Nado


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Ok with what shall i begin,with being sorry to the girls??? OR with talking about some people who dunno how to be respectful?? OR with not being sure if they r rlly unrespectful???

For me what ppl say bad abt me is rubish…and i forget everything and put it beside my back..who r they to talk abt me???And y shall i be sad from stinky ppl and making them happy…NO what ill do is that ill be happy to make them sad!!

I will begin by the first point saying to all girls asking to date me …sorry coz i rlly dont date online and that i love all gd girls on pc like a friend..I am really sorry by telling u i cant and u r really awesome by telling me im nice and cute and hot..but ull of cource have many other cances with other ppl better than me!

Secondly is that people r rlly annoying me spreading rumors that I love berrybearxoxo as a special girl and that i fancy her..thats rlly disgusting to hear that my best friends are talking abt me badly..and y shall i choose berry??? and she is already having love with my best frind sAcReD! SEE THIS CONVERSATION:(((NONE IS A GIRL THAT HER REAL NAME ISNT NONE>>>ITS ANOTHER NAME I WONT SAY)))

[Kokeeto] hi ya???
[!NONE!]  hi r u single
[Kokeeto] ya
[!NONE!]  wanna go out
[Kokeeto] no sorry
[!NONE!]  kk
[!NONE!]  add me
[!NONE!]  as a friends plz
[Kokeeto] ok ask me
[!NONE!]  cant
[Kokeeto] y??
[!NONE!]  to much buddies
[Kokeeto] also
[!NONE!]  plz i cant plz
[!NONE!]  lol
[!NONE!]  is it true
[Kokeeto] tht???
[!NONE!]  thatn u fancy berry
[Kokeeto] wat u mean??
[!NONE!]  is it true
[!NONE!]  u fancy berry bear
[Kokeeto] what u mean by fancy???
[!NONE!]  love
[Kokeeto] who said so???
[!NONE!]  quite a lot
[!NONE!] of people
[Kokeeto] like??? plz say me at least one
[!NONE!]  who do u love
[Kokeeto] plz tell me who
[!NONE!]  lacoste ten
[Kokeeto] i love all good girls here as a normal FRIEND
[!NONE!]  who do u love
[Kokeeto] lacoste said i love berry!
[!NONE!]  yes and other people
[Kokeeto] ?????
[!NONE!]  eh
[Kokeeto] like??
[!NONE!]  u are really nice
[Kokeeto] plz tell me..thats letting me rlly know truth of ppl
[Kokeeto] but i dont tghink lacoste would say tht
[!NONE!]  not just her
[!NONE!]  money man
[Kokeeto] who???
[!NONE!]  rachrox
[!NONE!]  said tht
[Kokeeto] anymore??
[!NONE!]  rachroxs is
[!NONE!]  yes sporty star
[Kokeeto] r u sure abt lacoste??
[Kokeeto] coz shes my frind!??!!
[!NONE!]  im not sure she just said rach told me tht u fancy berry
[Kokeeto] ok ur a grt frind thank u alot
[Kokeeto] u r awesome
[Kokeeto] im very thankful for u
[!NONE!]  do internet date
[!NONE!]  do u internet date
[Kokeeto] i dont date
[Kokeeto] and rlly rlly sorry
[!NONE!]  cool
[!NONE!]  but u are really nice
[!NONE!]  friend i mean
[Kokeeto] u tooo
[!NONE!]  bye bff
[Kokeeto] keep ur gd working up and up!

And thirdly is that i dont believe that  lacoste and the other ppl mentioned up are saying about me tht coz they r my best frinds and am not sure if they r rlly saying tht.Lacoste,im not sure u said tht so wen i be sure u said tht ill be rlly thankful i knew ur bad truth…

I am writing this post full of happines because it a comfortable feeling when people are angry from u and u are happy and uncarefull..I would like to thank very much the sweet person who told me this info and she knows that i am talking abt her…and sorry coz i didnt accept to be ur bf..but i cant!

And i would llike to add that i might change my mind and date with a girl on pc.

Happy and Uncareful Regards,Kokeeeto

November 27, 2008

”Cazmo Houses”

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Hello Cazmo’s!

Nado In ”Da House”,Well I Mean ”Cazmo Houses” Are Cazmo Coins,Yay.Well Before You Get Even More Excited Sadly It’s Not For Non-Members,That Means It’s Only For Cazmo Which Hold Memberships.

If Your A Cazmo That Holds Membership You Will Be Able To Buy ”Cazmo Houses” For Cazmo Coins!


But If You Don’t Have ”Membership” And You Try To Buy A House This Is What Comes Up.


So You Better Get Yourself A Bargain,By Getting Membership,Trust Me There Awesome,Also Don’t Forget Today’s Happy ThanksGiving!

See ya,

-Ambassador Nado

MC Sigmund!!

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Today MC Sigmund came and see what he said:
[ Kokeeto ]: wait mc
[ MC Sigmund ]: Im waiting.
[ MC Sigmund ]: Nice hat, by the way, Kokeeto
[ 100 vs 0 ]: i also bought the new houses
[ Knuckles233 ]: MC, what are you doing for thanksgiving
[ MC Sigmund ]: All of them?
[ 100 vs 0 ]: no
[ MC Sigmund ]: Relaxing!
[ MC Sigmund ]: Im going to curl up with a good book and some good food.
[ MC Sigmund ]: Flava told me he is marinating his turkey in orange juice.
[ Romani1996 ]: Hi MC!
[ MC Sigmund ]: Hi there!
[ Kokeeto ]: haha
[ MC Sigmund ]: Flava does love his OJ
[ Kokeeto ]: im working on a presentation about planet cazmo
[ MC Sigmund ]: Really?
[ Kokeeto ]: ya
[ MC Sigmund ]: Cool
[ Romani1996 ]: Mc
[ MC Sigmund ]: Yes?
[ Kokeeto ]: on microsoft powerpoint
[ Romani1996 ]: Did u see the personalities page?
[ MC Sigmund ]: No, I have not seen it yet.
[ Kokeeto ]: we have a magaize on our pc site
[ Kokeeto ]: mc
[ MC Sigmund ]: Very cool!
[ Romani1996 ]: See it on me and kokes site
[ Kokeeto ]: and we have a fashion page
[ MC Sigmund ]: I will check it out.
[ Kokeeto ]: and a baby club
[ Romani1996 ]: Thanks
[ MC Sigmund ]: LOL
[ MC Sigmund ]: You guys are rockin and rollin with that site!
[ MC Sigmund ]: Sigmund is my name.
[ MC Sigmund ]: MC is Master of Ceremonies.
[ MC Sigmund ]: As the great philosopher once said…I am otta here!

And I found something complicated..i was looking at my buddy list so i opened quizzy’s player card so he showed wearing the space membership suit but wait ….i thought he stopped as a od and stopped even playing..Know y???Coz when u open the house symbol and open the mod page many old mods rnt there and one of them is qizzy???HOW COME??

And btw i once asked Bd abt the old mods like Big Blue,Quizzy,sonicron and more..he said theyll come back!

I am tired and a bit sick and coz of tht im not posting much and sorry coz of tht i dint post pix!

Best Regards,Cazmosgang {Coke} as snoopy called me the first this name!

November 26, 2008

More Concerts!

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Hey Guys, Look what’s coming to the cazmo rena.
Dec 06 : Natasha Bedingfield, Clique Girlz
Dec 13 : To Be Announced Soon!
Dec 20 : Soulja Boy, Scooter Smiff

I will be there, so meet me on Planet Cazmo for these amazing concerts.


November 23, 2008

Soulja Boy on Planet Cazmo?

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Thats right guys, SOULJA BOY coming to the Cazmo Rena on December 20, 2008 WOOOOOOOOT!

Crank dat Soulja Boy



November 20, 2008

Info From Chief Ambassador!

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There is a lot happening on Planet cazmo
Aliens, are coming It’s a code orange, be prepared to fight them.
More Concerts, Well known celebrities. Some as soon as December
Chief let us know that the current Cazmo blog will change. Each Ambassador will have their own page, each page will feature a Planet Cazmo Ambassador.

Also if you noticed on my sidebar the EBN, Jeff is trying to make contact through his cell phone. Lets hope Jeff and Torgo are all right.

More to come…..


November 17, 2008

Cells and New Houses Have Arrived!

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I was on PC this morning when I received this picture-2

And about 10 minutes later I logged back on and the wolf in town became a comedian He says alot of random things lol. picture-51You will find at the top left of your cazmo screen your CELL PHONE woot! We can now text our friends from anywhere in the planet.picture-6

There are also new houses available picture-13picture-14picture-15

Also there is a new guy in the fitness center and a new game control on the toolbar. picture-16picture-17

picture-9As well the news paper was updated.

CAZMO ROCKS! Spread the World!


November 15, 2008

For sAcReD

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I Love you.


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