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January 30, 2009

sAcReD, Me and The Beasts…

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Look at me and sAcReD and our Beasts lol. This is my favorite pet.



January 29, 2009

Pets are Here!!!!!

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We waited and Planet Cazmo once again did an awesome job. The pets have arrived!


All are coins except one mimmalilly is 100 cc.

Here is the food.silver-silkersmoonrockfusion-faddlemarrow-muncherschippy-chow1borealis-beans

So remember take good care of your pets.


January 27, 2009

Thinking of quitting

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Hey guy’s, Russia here with some not so great news. Ever since the “Fall” of my great blog, I have decided it may be my time to move on from Planet Cazmo. It isn’t how it was for me anymore, because my blog was really what made me feel happy when I log on Planet Cazmo. But now it’s gone for good, and to tell you personally, I have no hope for it. I will do almost the same thing squdsqud did: come on once a month. I hope you enjoy Planet Cazmo, and have a good time.

Your friend,


January 26, 2009

Southwind Whadda ya Thinking?

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Ok this is payback south for those two edits you made of me. It’s all in good fun. southfart1

Your sis,

January 24, 2009

New Clothing Items

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Hey guys Sillyman here!

Today out of the blue Planet Cazmo releced some new clothing items, here they are.


Also look at the sign for Chewy’s party, pretty cool huh?



Pets, New Items and More…

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Hey everyone look at these awesome pets and outdoor house items. Exciting huh?




January 21, 2009


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Hey cazmo’s!

Today the new’s paper was updated and it said that two new item’s were released! The two items are:

  • New Shoes
  • In honor of President Obama Planet cazmo has released Posters! You can buy these for your house.



So, The new shoe’s are pretty cool. One of them is the bunny slippers! So some people who got rewards from the mod’s got the item’s before they were released to the public!

Pretty cool! So rember cazmo’s It pays to be GOOD!

Stay safe,

Lt. chewit/jshrz

January 20, 2009

New Cazmo of the week!

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Hey Cazmo’s Lt. chewit/jshrz here!

Ok, today Planetcazmo updated the Cazmo of the Week and it is……… MIKE X



Rember cazmo’s if you wana be a cazmo of the week all you half to do is sign up at the post office. THe post office is right next to the Town hall(The own stands in front of it).

In other new’s rumor has it that Planet Cazmo might possibly release the “Pet’s” this week. So be on the look out!

Rember cazmo’s stay safe and be nice,
Lt. chewit/jshrz

January 18, 2009

A prize?- FOR BEING GOOD!?!

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Hey Cazmo’s Lt. chewit/jshrz here!

Firstly I would like to say my interview went marvelous! I should be hearing in a few weeks!

Second, Today planet cazmo started a system where: If you are being good you get a prize.

I got one today and here is the screenshot!

The prize all depends. Somepeople have claimed to get anywhere from a pair of shoes to a SPACE SHIP! This system is awesome, it was a great addition to the Planet cazmo game!


Stay good and safe,
Lt. chewit/jshrz

January 16, 2009

UPDATES- New shoes, New cell phone skins

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Hey Cazmo’s Lt. chewit/jshrz here,

Today planet Cazmo released two things

  1. New shoes
  2. New Cell phone skins

First: PC released THREE new cell phone skins. They look like:




Each of the skins cost- 100 CAZMO COINS. The skins can be purchased by Phrux at the town square.

Second- Planet cazmo released some new shoes. Here is a screenshot:


*UPDATE* Their is a Mama caz quest guide avaible! Just check the pages on the right side!

Thank’s for reading cazmo’s


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