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March 30, 2009

Some of Us Ambassadors…

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Also known as the “Purple Hats” lol (I came up with that)



March 26, 2009

FallOutCazmoZ- Newest Videos

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Hey Everyone,

Fall Out CazmoZ In Da House!

Please watch, comment and rate and favorite our two newest video “We Cry”  and “Right Were You Want Me”!

Planet Cazmo- We Cry

Planet Cazmo-  Right Were You Want Me

Peace Out!

Fall Out CazmoZ

March 17, 2009

I am Back and We Played T or D!

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ok So tonight we were playing T or D and it was my turn so I dared cmcm to dress like a girl and run around screaming “i’m a pretty princess”. He did it this is what he looked like lmao.


March 16, 2009

Being a Cadet makes you a mod – DEPTNAV, CAT

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Hey guy’s, Russia here with some pretty annoying news. Ever since Planet Cazmo has shown the “Cadet Program” to the world, numerous amount of people have been taking the test. Now, does it mean you are a moderator? NO! It means that your a “cazmo expert” and that your report will be read more carefully other than some other players. I still do not understand how it means that your a mod now, and who even made that complete lie. Anyways, DEPTNAV has reached 70 members and no, we have no forum yet. I have also been working on CAT, Cazmo Advice Team. CAT will only be available to people who are over one year old and are a true expert. CAT also opens their hands to all cazmo rookies who are wanting to know more about Planet Cazmo. Does this mean we are being a human FAQ page? NO! It means we want to help others just like the “FAQ Page.” Till next time!


March 12, 2009

DoD – The first ever Planet Cazmo Army

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Hey guy’s, Russia here with some historic news. I know I haven’t been posting for what, three months? So it has come to my decision that Planet Cazmo needs an army and not these “spy agencys” or an “organization”. I have memorized about 300 REAL LIFE army ranks. DoD is the first ever army and the ONLY one on Planet Cazmo so far. After this message, I’m sure other people will either think of an army they can create, imposterize, etc. I hope you enjoy my message to YOU.


DoD is the Department of Defense and currently has only 2 branches. The US Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard. We are currently accepting Cabinet ranks and we do PAY DAILY with either clothing that you don’t have, etc. Again we say this, DoD is the first ever army created on Planet Cazmo. If you would like to enlist in DoD, you will put on the uniform which the Cabinet has thought of, and your rank. We are currently also constructing DEPTNAV (Department of the Navy). Our base is also  under construction and we are ACCEPTING CABINET RANKS which are basically 3rd in command, etc. DEPTNAV is going to be a real life simulation of the Navy. Thank-you for reading this!

– Navy blue turtle neck

– Dark striped shoes

– Black baggy pants


“The safest place in Korea was behind a platoon of Marines. LORD, how they could fight!” 

– MAJGEN Frank Lowe of the US Army

~Russia (Founder of DoD/DEPTNAV)~

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