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August 31, 2008

New Mod

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Hey Cazmos! Today a person named “Flava Flavius” came on to stop someone from swearing and I said Hi and asked if he was the new mod and he didn’t say one word. When he is on, It’s usually for like a a minute at the most. But I managed to get a real quick pic of his player card:

I would really like to meet him somtime, which Im sure we all will in the future. C ya on Cazmo!





Grand Opening of “Exploding Pancakes”!

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Hello everyone! Goop here, and the page “The Story Of…” is complete! If you want to see the story of the Exploding Pancakes, go to that page! For some lazy people, here’s the link lol:

The story is ALL MADE UP this never happened in Planet Cazmo. Just a FICTIONAL story for entertainment purposes only. It’s just a funny story. Have a great day and don’t forget to check it out! C ya!



August 30, 2008


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Hi its Champions and I would like to congradulate the new ambassadors.  I would really like to be an ambassador becuase I’m really nice and fun to be around in Planet Cazmo.  So if the ambassador chief is looking at this right now i would rally like to be an ambasssador even though I don’t own a site but I work on Berrybearxoxo blog (as you can see).  Anyone can copy this and i would like people to.  Thank you




Planet Cazmo Business Cards

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Guys chk this out. What a better way to get your friends to join pc. I know im printing hundreds for mine and my sisters friends. the link is

August 29, 2008

Torgo Abducted!!!!!

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This is from Planet Cazmos official youtube. Hilarious lol!!!!!

August 28, 2008

Please Welcome 3 New Ambassadors

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I would like to welcome three new ambassadors.




Welcome to the team. Please treat them with respect and congradulate them when you see them. Thanks.

Pull Out Anyones Player card

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Hey guys this is a glitch that will show you how to pull out ANYONES player card without being their real buddy! You have to visit a house thats under “my buddies houses” and go to any one of them. Then go to the town (or anywhere else) and click your buddy list, you will have EVERYONE in cazmo on your buddy list, banned or not! Lol here’s a good one:


Lol this is not an edit, it rly is ds player card!

Note: This goes away after you log out, so when you log out and back in, youll have to do it again for it to work.



August 26, 2008

For Sacred

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For you baby. Love you.

August 25, 2008

Planet Cazmo Peace Project!

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Hello everyone! Goop here, and the Planet Cazmo Peace Project has been released! And you can join now! All you have to do is follow the rules and sign a contract/agreement. Here is the logo (Click on it to go to the site)

Click on that now! and your welcome to put it on your site! That’s all for now, C ya on Cazmo!



August 23, 2008

Jeff Came to My House.

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Jeff was testing to see if he could use find so he found me, in my house lol.

 It was very cool. Sandman rocks lol.

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