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September 29, 2008

WOW New Hair styles and items to come!!!!!

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What do you think of this new hairstyle?! I think It's awesome! According to my sources there are many more on the way!

Don't worry, many new coin items coming! AND a way for members to get cash
items without paying more!

September 25, 2008

Hi I’m Soccer

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Hey cazmos. I’m soccer. I’ve been working on this blog a few weeks now, and have been helping berry with her css. I just wanted to let you know that I’m here. I have a site, I would be very happy if you visited it.

I am going to continue to help berry with anything she needs. I won’t post very much. Just once in a while if I need to. Also, I would like you to quickly vote on a poll I made. It’s about weather I should have a Rare clubpenguin account contest. Here’s the poll.


Direct Link:



~Soccer ~

September 22, 2008

Updates Here!!!

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Updates are here! They are all so cool! Check out the pics!

First off, I logged on and a few mins later I got this Admin message.

Next is the new All Posters shop, and the look of your ship and new vehicle on your player card!

This one is for all the DDR (Dance dance revolution) fans out there! My new fav game!

Next, the newspaper has a few new features in it.

This is the interior of the All Posters store!

The new look of creating your style!

And you can play volleyball at the beach now!

And the new vehicles!!

There may be more, but I’m not sure!



September 21, 2008

Cazmo Tree Gardens

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Hey Cazmos! I just wanted to let you know there is a thing called Cazmo Tree Gardens (AKA: Cazmo Forest) I made. Its a place full of trees, fun, and much more! For more information, click on the button I have provided below. Oh and, if you don’t mind I would love it if you can put that button on your site so we can get CTG more popular and get a lot of people to come! Have a great day! C ya on Cazmo!




September 17, 2008

Jeff Abducted!!!!!

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Not Jeff too!?!?!?!?!

Ambassadors we need to prepare for retaliation. Torgeys catfish might die and who knows what will happen to occeana with Jeff gone lol jkjk. Omg who’s gonna be next? What if omg all the new mods are aliens? AHHHHH.


News From Chief!!!!!

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Part of being an Ambassador is getting sneak peeks. Well our Chief Ambassador gave us a little preview of whats ahead. I can’t wait lol.

Copyright No copying without my permission.

September 15, 2008

Last nights server crash.

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Last nights server glitch was totally insane look at some of these pics.

 Goops a tree hugger lol.

 Ahh Goop lost his name LOL.

 Um Goop my head is not for sitting. lol

 I was eaten by Goops wall.  new design Goops likes his couch on the wall? 

 my house became insanely glitchy to Goop became the window, where ever he went it followed lol.

September 14, 2008

The Plab incident

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Hey guys red here,

Many of you were there at the pLAbbitz incident where he came on and said he was a moderator and stuff. As you know he is in the scooter picture. Yeah, that was me. I was just messing around and I never knew it would get so out of hand that two mods would come on and I would have to waste their time. I am VERY VERY sorry for whoever I tricked and wasted your time. And mods, I am very sorry I wasted your time and caused you to have to get on and tell everyone. So to everyone: I am sorry if I wasted your time and I am not pLAbbitz, he is probably soniCron or someone else. But I am very sorry everyone.


September 13, 2008

New things to come!!!!!

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I recieved some interesting images from Planet Cazmo. This is what’s new to come. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait.

Remember my site has copyright. There is absolutly no copying allowed!!!!! Unless I am asked and given credit for it.


What happens when we play truth or dare lol.

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Poor Tammz I got her good.

 [ oxoTammyoxo ]: dare lol

[ Santa Claus ]: cazmos,

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: ahhh dum arrow

[ Santa Claus ]: wouldnt it be cool

[ HaloGirl ]: i dare u  to scream im a emo elmo

[ Santa Claus ]: if I actually had a nice and naughty list

[ grasequiq2 ]: LOOK AT MEDD

[ Santa Claus ]: and the people on my nice list

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: IM A EMO ELMO

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: med yr hot

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: not lol

[ Wyse ]: I dare u to  kiss red

[ Santa Claus ]: would get one thousand cc

[ grasequiq2 ]: LOL

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: med looks hot

[ Wyse ]: lol

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: noooooooooooot

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: lol jk

[ Santa Claus ]: what would you like for chrismas?

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: yes that was a fat joke med

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: tammz t or d

[ slime123 ]: yawn

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: dare

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: dare bear bear lol

[ HaloGirl ]: truth or dare taz

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: I dare u to get boy clothes and then scream I kissed a girl and i liked it then

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: kiss halo

[ Wyse ]: hi

[ medner ]: who?

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: LMAO OK I WILL BEAR BEAR

[ grasequiq2 ]: who

[ medner ]: eeeeew

[ grasequiq2 ]: yayy

[ Wyse ]: tam berry med

[ HaloGirl ]: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

[ medner ]: thats

[ medner ]: umm

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: ya know dont mess with me and dares lol

[ grasequiq2 ]: u better run halo

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: woot tammz

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIKE DIT notttttttttttttt

[ Santa Claus ]: well, its been a good time

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: kiss halo

[ Santa Claus ]: see ya near chrismas!

[ grasequiq2 ]: lol

[ Santa Claus ]: ho ho ho!

[ Wyse ]: tam change

[ grasequiq2 ]: do it

[ medner ]: t or d me

[ medner ]: pick dare

[ HaloGirl ]: no taz u look cool

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: AHH I CANT GET THE HAT OFFF

[ Wyse ]: im a girl

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: U DIDNT KISS HALO

[ balletgirl4325 ]: hey whats up homa g!!!


[ easter Bunny ]: hip hop hippity hop

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: IM STRAIGHT i dont kiss girls lol


[ balletgirl4325 ]: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

[ medner ]: i oick dare

[ Wyse ]: im making a new account brb

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: YES I DID

[ grasequiq2 ]: omg i letter from planet cazmo brb

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: THATS IT POSTING

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: LOL

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: UH O

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: CHAT AND ALL LOL

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: lemme hide in shame lol

[ Berrybearxoxo ]: WOOT

[ oxoTammyoxo ]: HOLY CRUD NO


[ Berrybearxoxo ]: COPIES CHAT

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